Bail Bonds Provide Temporary Freedom

When a person is arrested and imprisoned for a crime, he generally has the right to post bail. This is an amount deposited in exchange for temporary freedom under the agreement that the accused will appear in court. If your loved one is facing jail time while awaiting trial, consider going to bail bonds providers for an amenable solution.

Understanding Bail

Although capital offenses are primarily non-bailable, suspects accused of them have the right to undergo a bail hearing to further determine if the evidence is beyond reasonable doubt. The judge will then decide to deny bail or set the final amount if he agrees; your preferred bail bonds service can facilitate payment of the bond as you arranged it.

There are cases when the person posting bail has no sufficient income to pay the required amount. The court’s decision to set the bail to such an amount is based primarily on the seriousness of the case and not on the financial capacity of the accused. Then again, the court is not allowed to set a bail for the purpose of keeping a person detained.

Every bail comes with a set of conditions. Primarily, the court wants the accused to appear during proceedings. Violating this condition will allow the court to revoke the bail and have the accused re-arrested and jailed. If the accused meets the conditions, however, the bail will continue and shall be returned to the bail bondsman once the case is closed.


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