When You Can’t Afford Bail

Some people will run afoul of the law at some point in their lives. When that happens and the suspect has been put in jail, it may be time to pay for bail. What if the charges against the suspect entail posting a six-digit sum?  Generally, there are two options for Orange County defendants who couldn’t pay bail: either they serve their jail time while waiting for trial, or pay a percentage of their bail and trust the help of reputable Orange County bail bond services.


Take the case of Allen Bullock who surrendered after attacking a police cruiser at the height of the Baltimore riots. He is now facing a long time in jail because his family couldn’t afford his bail amounting to over $500,000.


A Human Rights Watch report shows that only 37 percent of defendants who were offered bail could afford to post the bail amount. Many did not have the resources to pay even bail amounts of less than $1,000.


Those living on or below the poverty line face a great disadvantage, and in many cases, are left with no other recourse than to simply wait for their day in court in jail. For people like them, hope comes from companies, like JRS Bail Bonds, which have committed themselves to serving the underprivileged segments of society and are determined to make bail bonds as accessible as possible to anyone who needs them.


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