Posting Bail in Orange County: How Much Do You Need?

The amount of bail you need to post if you or a loved one goes to jail depends on what type of crime was committed. Each crime has a separate bail amount attached to it, and in most cases, misdemeanor crimes require a smaller bail amount than felony crimes. 

The Amount of Bail You Need

In Orange County, for instance, the Superior Court sets the bail schedule on a yearly basis. The following examples can help you determine what you might have to pay if you were arrested on suspicion of committing a particular crime:

Misdemeanors in Orange County, California:

  • Violation of Protective Order – Section 273.65(a): This misdemeanor requires a bail of $15,000.
  • Lewd Conduct in Public Place – Section 647(a): $1,000 in bail is required to be released from jail.
  • Battery Against Spouse – Section 243(e)(1): This misdemeanor requires a bail amount of $10,000 before the individual is released.

Felonies in Orange County, California:

  • Carjacking – Section 215: Bail in the amount of $100,000 is required for this felony.
  • Assault with a Firearm – Section 245(a)(2): $50,000 in bail is required for the individual’s release.
  • Criminal Threats – Section 422: Bail in the amount of $50,000 is required for this felony offense.

How Soon Will One Be Released Once Bail is Paid?

The time it takes to be released from prison often depends on the time of day when the bail was posted. In Orange County, defendants can post bail and be released from prison any time during the week. Once bail has been posted, it normally takes only a few hours to be released into the arms of loved ones.


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