When Bail Bonds Seem Out of Reach

Having yourself or a loved one charged with a criminal offense is traumatizing in and of itself, but finding that bond is accessible yet unaffordable for you poses an even greater frustration and more painful dilemma. Fortunately, there is hope!

What type of offenses may be offered bail bonds?
There are a wide variety of cases in which defendants may be able to bond out until official court proceedings occur for their particular cases. Such offenses may include possession of drugs or other related offenses, DUI, possession of stolen property, theft or burglary, possession of a weapon, robbery, and stalking, to name a few. Consulting with the arresting agency or jail can provide a background as to the specific charges levied and also gives insight as to whether bail bonds will be assessed.

How can a bail bond agency help?
It is wise to make that initial call to a bail bond agency once your arrest or the arrest of a loved one occurs. The staff at such agencies will be understanding of your situation and are well-versed in negotiating with jail staff, so they can work with the latter entity to secure the accused’s release on bond quickly and efficiently. For those facing adverse financial circumstances, many agencies waive fees, establish a payment plan, or use possessions as collateral, such as cars or owned homes (a lien may be placed on those items, which is removed once the court proceedings have concluded and the charged individual has appeared as promised). Seek out an agency quickly and see how fast they can assist you and your family.


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