Common Types of Bail Bonds

Those wishing to bail out their loved ones from jail but don’t have the financial means to do so can get the help of a bail bondsman, who can provide aid for bail in exchange for the persons closely following the terms of their temporary freedom. Typically, there are several types of bail bonds, the nature of each will depend on factors like the alleged crime, the criminal history, and the jurisdiction where the arrest was made.

Cash Bond

Among the usual types of bonds is a cash bond. This will enable you to post cash bail on behalf of the defendant, which will then be returned at the end of the case.

Unsecured Bond

Those unable to make a cash bond may also go for an unsecured bond. This is a simple signed contract showing that the defendant agrees to pay the court the bail amount should he or she fail to appear in court.

Property or Secured Bond

This involves a pledge of any real property by the defendant or someone on behalf of the defendant. Once this happens, the court is given a lien on the real property, giving them the right to foreclose it should the defendant fail to show up to the court.

There are other, more specific types of bail bonds that may work for your current situation. To know which will work best for you, consult a trusted bail bondsman first.


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