Bail Bonds for Robbery, Theft and Burglary

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, burglary is defined as unlawfully entering a structure to commit a theft. While many people believe that force classifies it as burglary, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Theft Crimes

There are other crimes, aside from burglary, which can require the help of a bail bonds in Orange County. Theft charges can range from petty theft, which is theft under $250 or grand theft, which is a theft greater than $950. Each has different penalties through the court.

Dealing in stolen property doesn’t mean the person did the burglary themselves, but they managed, planned or supervised the theft. This could refer to someone attempting to sell property that doesn’t belong to them even if they are not aware of the theft.

Robbery is theft that involves threats and violence especially if there’s a weapon involved. It could include stealing a purse or stealing money at the ATM from an unsuspecting person.

Bail Bonds Agents Help with Theft Arrests

As long as nobody was injured in the commission of the crime, a bail bonds agent will be able to help a person who has been accused of theft or burglary. If you have a loved one who is accused of theft in Orange County, a bail bonds company can help you secure the person’s release from jail until the trial.


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