Get To Know All Your Rights: Arrests, Phone Calls And Bail Bonds

Getting arrested can be quite a commotion and in the midst of it, one cannot be blamed for just blanking out and be tagged along whatever might happen afterwards without realizing whether or not his rights are being violated.


There are two types of arrest namely bench warrant and warrant of arrest. Bench warrant is issued by a judge when a defendant fails to show up for a court hearing. The bench warrant is distributed throughout the area, and the local police can arrest you on sight.


Warrant of arrest, on the other hand, means that you have not been taken into custody on an outstanding arrest warrant. It can be because you are identified as a potential criminal in a case that you are unaware of.


It is important that you know all of your rights when you are involved in situations like this. If you are detained, you can make up to three phone calls. These calls are usually free for local calls but if you’re calling somebody that is not local, you may have to pay for the calling fee.


One thing you should know as well is the availability of bail bonds for anyone. Bail bonds are made to give you release while you have to attend court hearings scheduled for you. Bail bonds be made by anyone, no matter the race, religion or financial status.


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