What You Should Know About Bail Jumping

When you’ve gained your freedom after an arrest through bail, it may be tempting to just escape. However, do not yield into such temptation because the consequences may be worse than when you simply comply with the law.

Bail Jumping Defined

Bail jumping happens when a defendant purposely fails to attend court hearings after settling his bail to avoid sentence or prosecution. There are situations in which a defendant is considered to have skipped bail even if he appears before the court. The prosecution though is required to show evidence that the defendant has taken steps to avoid court trials.

Is Bail Jumping a Crime?

In Orange County, failing to appear in hearings is considered an offense to the state court. Whether the bail jumping is charged as misdemeanor or a felony depends on the nature of the crime allegedly committed by the defendant.

Consequences of Bail Jumping

Failure to show up in a scheduled court trial will have the judge issue a warrant of arrest for the defendant. This means that it will only be a matter of time before the police comes after you to put you behind bars as you wait for your court hearing.

Aside from the legal consequences, bail jumping also has financial consequences. For one, your chance to get a bail refund is forfeited. If you have sought the help of an agency or a bail bond in Orange County, the bail bondsman will not get the money that he used to pay the court for your temporary release.When this happens and you are caught, the bondsman will ask you to pay him back a larger sum.

If you are thinking about jumping bail, think again. There are serious consequences down the line for your actions.


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