3 Types of Bail Bondsmen and How They Can Help You

When you get arrested and thrown into a jail, there could only be one thing that goes through your head: how to get your freedom back. In most cases, getting out of jail is done by the defendant posting a bail bond, which can be cash or a property that has the equivalent cash value of the bail amount set by the judge.

There are different types of bondsmen, but they have one goal: to help you regain your freedom.

Professional Bail Bondsman

A professional bail bondsman is also known as property bondsman because he promises the court that he will pay for the defendant’s bail through money or properties. He should come up with the amount of the bail even when the defendant fails to attend scheduled court hearings.

Surety Bondsman

A surety bondsman is an agent from an insurance company that provides bail bond services to defendants who can’t pay the court in full. Because he is backed up by insurance, a surety bondsman generally has the go signal to write a larger amount for the bail bond than a professional bail bond agent can write.

Accommodation Bondsman

If a person, usually a friend or a relative, is willing to pay for a defendant’s bail out of personal favor, he is known as accommodation bondsman. By doing so, he is obliged by the court to assure that the defendant will attend any court hearing set by the judge.


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