How You Can Get Your Money Back After Posting Bail

One of the days you dread the most have come true: you or a loved one has been arrested. The first thing that comes to mind is how you can prevent yourself or a relative from spending days behind bars.

Fortunately, the law provides defendants the chance to gain back their freedom before their trial starts. This is possible through posting bail, the purpose of which is to ensure that the defendant will attend scheduled court hearings. The question is, can you get that bail money back?

Attend Court Hearings

Since the main purpose of bail is to ensure that whoever paid for it is providing a monetary guarantee that the defendant will show up at all the hearings scheduled by the court and that he do so throughout the trial. After these conditions have been fulfilled, the court will refund the money to whomever paid for it.

Will You Get Full Amount?

If you opted for a cash bond, which means you paid the full bail amount in cash, the court will give back the same amount at the end of the case and the defendant is found not guilty of the charge filed against him. If he pleads guilty, the bond money is returned after the sentence has been enforced.

On the other hand, if you availed yourself of the service of a bondsman, you will only need to pay for the bail bond premium, which is a percentage of the full bail amount a bondsman has paid the court to get you out.

For an in-depth explanation about bail bonds, contact your trusted bond agent today.


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