Information That Bail Bondsmen Will Need from You

When your friends or acquaintances have been locked up in jail, getting them released on bail becomes your utmost priority. You might immediately hire the services of some bail bondsmen in Los Angeles to expedite the bailing process. Being in a tense situation, you might forget to gather some important information about the accused, without which, the bondsmen may not be able to proceed with the case. Ideally, you should be ready with this valuable information before seeking out the bail bondsmen. Only after having receiving this information can the bondsmen go through the process of getting the defendant released.

The arrestee’s personal information

The bail bondsmen need to know the accused’s full name and the date of birth. This goes without saying, and is probably the most important.

Place of custody

You should be aware of where the defendant is currently in custody. This includes the city, county, state, and the name and location of the jail. Since the bailing process varies from jail to jail, having this information will help them to identify the procedure they need to follow. This will help hasten the process of release.

Booking number

You should have the arrestee’s booking number. You can find this information by contacting the correctional institution the defendant is located in. If in case you do not have this number or you forgot, the bail bondsmen will be able to find it out later by contacting the jail. However, knowing this at the start should be able to help make the process faster.

Charges against the accused

It is important for the bondsmen to know the charges pressed against the accused so that they know about the nature of the case and can accordingly decide which type of bond will be suitable.

Bail amount

If the bondsmen know the bail amount, they can let you know the cost you will incur for posting the bail bond and if there are any other requirements that you need to fulfil, for example, if any collateral is needed.


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