Consider These Before Posting Bail for a Defendant

If you’ve been approached to help bail a person out of jail, take some time to carefully think about your decision first. Co-signing bail for someone else is serious business, and you should be fully ready to take on the responsibilities that this will entail.

Make Sure You Trust the Person

Bail bonds in Long Beach, CA grants a suspected person temporary freedom from jail in exchange for a certain amount of money. This payment helps ensure that the defendant will appear at a later court date. To deter suspects from walking away, the cost of bail is often expensive, and bail bonds help during these situations.

In essence, you will be responsible for the bond as a co-signee. Therefore, it is important to know the track record of the person you are posting for. Do they have a history of honoring commitments? Do they follow through on their promises? If not, you could be the one in hot water if they skip on their bail and court dates.

What You Can Expect

Once you qualify as a co-signer, you take on certain rights and responsibilities. For one, you’re assuring the court that the defendant will appear at future court dates. You might be asked to sign an agreement stating that you’ll pay for the bond yourself if the defendant fails to appeal at their court dates. You might even be asked to pledge your vehicle, home, cash, and other property as collateral to ensure that the bond agency receives back the money owed them.

Now, you may ask the defendant to go through counseling, drug treatment, and other forms of rehabilitation before you sign the bond. If any of their behavior causes you to worry, you can ask for the bond to be canceled and have the defendant returned to jail.

Remember that no matter how concerned you may be about the defendant, your safety and wellbeing is also a priority, so be sure to educate yourself about what you are signing up for before you decide.


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