What’s Bail, Anyway?

It’s pretty safe to say that no one wants to go to jail. The numbers, however, indicate that many do— as many as a quarter of a million or more Americans are currently awaiting trial. Even if you are arrested, however, it might give you peace of mind to know that you do not have to stay in jail while you wait for your case to be heard.

You can post bail and regain your freedom. The bad news is that for many people, it can be costly.

The ABCs of Bail

Bail can be money or property deposited to a court to secure your release after arrest. It assumes that you will return for trial at a set date, or forfeit the bail to the courts should you fail to reappear. If all goes well, however, bail money is often returned when the trial is over regardless of the verdict.

The process of setting bail can differ for each state, but the Eighth Amendment helps protect you from excessive bail amounts. Some factors that might be considered to determine your bail amount is your flight risk, your criminal records, the severity and type of your crime, the danger you pose to other people.

Posting Your Bail

If you can afford your bail amount, you can simply pay and go. Yet many people don’t really have a budget set aside for when they get arrested, so this amount is usually beyond reach. In such cases, you may seek the help of a bailbond agency in Los Angeles to post bail for you.

Bail is way to allow you to continue caring for your family, going to your job, and contributing to your community even when you are suspected of a crime. Knowing that you have a way to regain your freedom if you ever get arrested will help you get your head together as you prepare to navigate the complex criminal justice system.


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