Posting Bail and Your Legal Responsibility

If you are the arrested individual, or if you are the family of the person accused, you have a legal responsibility to fulfill after bail has been posted. If you have posted bail with the help of a bail bonds agent, then you also have a duty towards the person or agency who became your guarantor.

Getting released from jail and sent home does not mean the end of the bail process. While awaiting for the court trial date to be set by the judge, you may return home, resume work the following day, and even do all your daily normal routines. It’s understood that the family and the bail bonds agent will be keeping an eye on you, ensuring that you stay out of trouble, and that you will not be leaving town anytime soon.

Once the court has notified you of your trial date, you need to be prepared to appear in court. It is essential that you are present, and be in the right physical and mental state as you appear before the judge.

If need be, you may seek legal counsel to support you. Should you require further information following your arrest and the bail process, then take the opportunity to talk to a bail bonds agency.

Getting bail bonds in Long Beach, CA does not need to be an arduous process. You and your

family can eliminate the worry by discussing your needs with a trusted bail bondsman. With their guidance and quick thinking, you can post bail, and they can work to make sure your rights are protected.


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