What Happens if You Skip Bail

When the accused has paid for or posted bail, it is understood that he agrees to appear in court for his trial to determine his innocence or guilt. It is also of utmost importance that all the requirements of the courts are followed, and that you should not skip bail or miss your court date.

Duty of the Bail Bondsman

The bail bondsman or bail bond agency will pay the court on your behalf as you post bail for the accused. He will file the necessary paperwork and provide you with copies of forms and receipts as well. He may also communicate with the courts to know the exact dates and locations of trials, so that the accused can be present. If needed, the bail bondsman may also help in finding or locating the accused and bringing him to court.

What Happens to the Bail the Was Paid?

If in any case the court date was missed, the judge will decide to forfeit the bail. This means that the amount will not be returned. Furthermore, a warrant of arrest will be issued on the accused. However, in certain scenarios, a court date may be reset as approved by the judge.

If you need any further help in understanding the process of bail bonds in Orange County, then call the experts right away. A trusted bail bonds agency has encountered many situations similar to your own, and they know the challenges that the family of the accused may be going through.


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