Posting Bail for Domestic Violence

The California penal code defines domestic violence as a criminal act committed by an individual towards a spouse, a partner, a parent, a sibling, and/or a child. Such an offense involves attempting to inflict harm upon someone in the home. In some cases, a domestic violence arrest may involve charges of assault or battery, and perhaps even child abuse or child endangerment.

If your loved one is arrested for domestic violence, there is a possibility for him to be released on bail. Bail is decided upon by a judge of the court to ensure that the accused will appear for trial as needed. At times, bail is paid as cash or through a bail bond, afterwhich the accused is temporarily released. You may choose to obtain a bail bond through a bondsman or bail bond agent, a licensed individual who has dealt with many cases similar to yours.

After posting bail, the accused may return home, go to work, and resume his daily activities. It is understood that he must not leave town, and must immediately appear before the judge when a trial schedule has been set. If the trial has concluded, the bail bond is exonerated or returned.

Should you need information about obtaining a bail bond in Los Angeles, there are experts who can help you. They can carefully study the nature of the arrest of the accused individual, advise you on the steps you need to take, and assist you in bailing out your loved one in the shortest time possible.


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