A Deeper Look at the Effects of the Bail System

The bail system is a process where arrested suspects pay a specified amount of money in order to avoid being imprisoned during the duration of the criminal proceedings. In California, a person who has been taken into police custody without enough money to pay the set bail has the option of getting bail bonds services. A bail bond service company will post bail on behalf of the arrested person in exchange for a non-refundable fee.

Impact of the Bail System

Just like any other system, requiring bail payment in exchange for freedom is not a completely perfect system considering its long term effects. Many studies have been conducted on the effects of the bail system in the United States. Unfortunately, the results have revealed several negative impacts of the bail system on the general public, the poor members of society, as well as the fight against crime as a whole.

Ordering suspected criminals to be locked up in jail while awaiting the conclusion of their trials require a huge amount of taxpayer’s money. Records show that over 50% of inmates in US jails are still awaiting trial. This means they just failed to post bail and yet the government is spending about $29 million a day to keep them in jail.

Needless to say, poor folks are at a disadvantage in the bail system since they often do not have money to post it. This is the reason why they stay in police custody even if they have only committed petty crimes that will not endanger others. As with the wealthy offenders, however, they are immediately released after posting bail even though their crimes are much more serious and threatening to others.

Considering that there are accused individuals who cannot afford to pay bail, the availability of bail bondsman becomes a necessity for he can facilitate the release of the accused by posting bail.


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